ON-SITE health care services AT YOUR FINGER TIPS

On-site workshops, empowering employees with knowledge on health care, e.g. HIV/AIDS, TB etc.

Benefits of our service:

  • Affordable, on-site, comprehensive primary health care package to your employees and their families where applicable at NO effort to employer.
  • Increase productivity by decreasing time away from the work place, whilst promoting pro-active care.
  • Strengthening good employer / employee relationships, by recognising basic health needs before health conditions deteriorate.
  • A healthier work environment for all.

2 hour workshops available on:

  • HIV/AIDS / Sexually transmitted infections.
  • The impact of teenage pregnancies on the individual, the household, and society.
  • The importance of wellness checks.
  • How to support a healthy mother and baby pair.
  • The importance of antenatal care during pregnancy.
  • The importance of women’s Healthcare screenings.
  • How to handle minor emergencies at home / workplace.
  • Workplace related as needed.
  • How to take care of the elderly.
  • Abuse

We are waiting for your call 078 001 1404! Send us a message or request an appointment at our people’s health clinic, suitable for all!