“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity”

Using compassionate, exceptionally skilled staff, People's Health Care in Worcester, will render a comprehensive primary health care of exceptional quality to all clients, while promoting pro-active care by doing basic health care screenings, rendering a thorough consultation process, whilst networking with other health partners for more advanced health care where and when needed.

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Primary Health Care

Diagnosing and treatment of most medical conditions, with an existing referral pathway to more specialized care when necessary.


Mother & Child Care

While understanding this transition in your life; we want you to know that you have professionals on your side.


Home Based Care

We offer one-stop health care service, rendered by professional Nurse Practitioners, to meet your needs.

Thank You

We always dreamt of giving birth at home but in the past it wasn’t an option here in Worcester. Then, in my 39th week of pregnancy my Doctor introduced me to the wonderful team of midwifes/nurses at People’s Health Care Clinic. Since our first meeting with them at our home, we have experienced such great professionalism and individual care...


... Their service clearly displayed their passion and commitment to their values and us, as their clients. Our dream became a reality, our little girl was delivered at home and my husband had the privilege to be involved in every step of the labour/delivery. It was such amazing experience and we would definitely recommend it to every couple. Thank you People’s Health Care Clinic, you made it possible.

Lais Family